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Valve operation

The valve applies to a pneumatic circuit a progressively increasing pressure over a period of time set by the integrated screw. During this phase no air consumption is allowed in the circuit. After having reached the half of the system pressure, the slow-start valve begins to automatically feed the circuit with the system pressure.
The slow-start valve prevents from unexpected motions of the pneumatic devices in the circuit, which could happen by applying directly the system pressure.
On request the mounting bracket is available (code STF 3).

Order code
AVP 3-00
Temperature range
max +60C
0.35 kg
Working pressure
2 ... 16 bar
0.2 ... 1.6 MPa
Recommended flow rate
(p = 6 bar at 25 m/s)
850 Nl/min
Maximum flow rate
(p = 6.3 bar; pressure drop = 1 bar)
1600 Nl/min

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